The eco-consolidating compound suitable for architectural and artistic assets.

The processes of alteration and degradation of the surfaces of artistic and architectural stone elements, and in particular those consequent to the presence of salts and/or volume change, create pulverisation, flaking and the formation of cracks and micro-fissures induced by chemical and mechanical stresses. This can jeopardise the integrity of the original work or artefact. In such cases, it is necessary to intervene with consolidation techniques to restore the cohesion of the parts involved.

NANOLAQ is a consolidating solution in the form of a suspension of calcium hydroxide nanoparticles dispersed in water, obtained according to an innovative and sustainable synthesis procedure. Completely Green, with no additives and no emission of toxic or environmentally polluting gases, dust or waste, thus respecting the health of operators.

  • Inorganic mineral product
  • Obtained by a sustainable synthesis process with low environmental impact, extremely low energy consumption and no toxic waste production
  • Perfectly compatible with all carbonate matrix substrates
  • Effective in restoring surface cohesion and eliminating dusting
  • It increases mechanical resistance up to a depth of 1 – 2 cm or more
  • It does not alter the porosity of the original substrate, maintaining its “natural” transpirability
  • Also applicable on damp substrates
  • Natural bacteriostatic and fungicide, (pH > 12)
  • It does not release volatile organic substances into the environment, (zero VOC emissions)
  • No CO2 is produced during its synthesis process. After application, on the other hand, the product absorbs 600 g of CO2 from the environment for every 1,000 g of nanoparticles used, with great benefit for the environment.
Weight 6 kg

5 L


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