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Cleaning is important as its purpose is to remove unwanted material from metal, stone, wood or concrete surfaces. The surface is cleaned so as to be prepared for subsequent consolidation and protection or coating. Our company has been committed to offering state-of-the-art solutions for Preparing, Clening, Consolidating e Protecting all types of stone, wood, concrete or metal.

cleaning of metal, wall, wood and paintings

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Peak Performance

The right dimension to fit every task

Flexibility and Portability

We use low air volumes, thus facilitating use in any environment

Safety and Reliability

We use non-toxic aggregates and special tools for dust elimination

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Each IBIX Conservation operator is highly qualified for the safe use of the equipment and is able to apply the specifications, defined during the analysis phase, to achieve the specific degrees of cleaning for each material in the conservation cycle.

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IBIX Conservation provides Technological Solutions and manpower for architecture and construction in a “Turnkey” service perspective.


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