Sustainable surface treatment for Protecting Porous Building Materials

It is easy to use and it will prove to be successful on any surface.

The final stage of our process involves securing the areas by protecting them with Breathable Oleo-hydrophobic Impregnant agents, preventing dust and stains, air pollutants, mould and biological infestations from adhering again.

Hydrophobic agents

They prevent the absorption of water, oil and solvents while still allowing the surface to breathe. They offer excellent resistance to graffiti, preventing paint absorption.

They do not alter appearance

They do not alter the appearance of the treated surface or its colour. They are UV resistant and non-flammable.


Our breathable impregnation sealers protect stone and concrete materials against repeated freeze-thaw cycles and extend their life.


Our breathable impregnation sealers are resistant to pH-neutral de-icing salt.


They can be used on both vertical and horizontal surfaces, indoors and outdoors. Available for building, high-quality, wood and even walkable surfaces.


They are non-toxic products and meet eco-sustainability requirements. They do not contain V.O.C., are B.B.A. approved and have CE marking.

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Cyclical freeze-thaw induces degradation of the stone/concrete substrate through repeated expansion and contraction of moisture that is in the substrate. Protecting your substrate from moisture ingress through the application of Breathable oil and water repellent impregnation sealers to saturation, can negate this effect and increase the lifespan of the substrate. This technique is easily applied on all types of substrate and the surface can be used as early as one hour after application. It also helps to reduce routine maintenance of the protected areas and consequently the related costs.

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