On-site Material Analysis Services

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By means of IBIX Mobile lab, our technicians can carry out all the main analyses on stone materials directly on site. Firstly, pre-intervention diagnostics on the areas involved and then, based on the materials present to define the restoration processes, followed by monitoring of the entire conservation cycle.

Collection and preparation of samples for laboratory analysis

Surface analysis under an optical microscope

Reflectance spectrophotometric and colorimetric analysis

Low pressure water absorption tests

Moisture measurement using gravimetric method

Moisture mapping

Analysis of total soluble salts

Quantitative analysis of sulphates, nitrates, chlorides

Measurement of environmental parameters

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Our multiservice centre is equipped with the most advanced lab techniques to categorise the physical and chemical characteristics of materials, and is staffed by professional technicians, highly trained in diagnosing Cultural Heritage. The IBIX Mobile Lab modular structure facilitates compiling customised reports automatically, thus reducing times and costs of the fact-finding process. Software can be updated via the web at any time.

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