ESSENZIO is a Natural moss residue CLEANER based on natural extracts specifically designed for the removal of residual biological patinas, derived from mosses, lichens and moulds and for the clean-up from the microbiological attack. Its cleansing action is also indicated for the protection of the surfaces from subsequent recurrence of biological infestation phenomena.

ESSENZIO can be applied by back-pack sprayer pump or garden sprayer, shaking the product in its original packaging before pouring it into the sprayer. The product is already in optimal concentration and should not be diluted. The pressure of the sprayer device must not be greater than 0.5 bar max..

Essenzio is a blend of essential oils in synergy with each other, mainly: Oregano (Origanum vulgare) and Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) extracts.

ESSENZIO is the result of research and production procedures borrowed from best practices in the healthcare field, replacing toxic and aggressive products for human health and for the environment, favoring a “Green” conservation of architectural and cultural heritage.

European Directive 98/8/EC, Decree of the president of the Italian Republic 392/98 and Italian Legislative Decree no. 174/2000 have reduced the use and spread of traditional biocidal products over the past few years, thereby promoting the use of natural substances capable of enabling people and the environment to be fully protected.

1 liter of product treats 4/6 m2 of surface (with average porosity); the yield can vary according to the amount of weeds and their thickness. Moss: After 24-48 hours, if you notice that green spots under the treated layer have turned brown, focus on that area and reapply. In optimal situations, the effectiveness is visible to the naked eye after the fi rst 90 minutes. However, complete drying can take place within 5/10 days

Weight 6 kg


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