VEGEGRAF is a state-of-the-art anti-graffiti remover. Mainly made using substances extracted from plants, and so renewable, and substances.
with the lowest possible hazard level for both men and the environment. All components have been carefully selected so that the
synergy among them is flawless.

VEGEGRAF easily cleans graffiti and all marks of urban visual pollution including ink, mark pens or paint. Therefore, its efficiency has been proved for cleaning permanent markers, traces of glue, tyre tracks and more.
Its neutral-pH formulation does not damage most materials , mainly metals (showcases, metal blinds, billboards and street signs, pavilions, trucks and public transport vehicles, etc.). VEGEGRAF is easy and quick to apply because it comes ready to be used. Leaves a sweet perfume in the room, which makes it pleasant to be used. VEGEGRAF can be used when there is public moving around and even at peak hours. Due to its viscosity and consistency, VEGEGRAF can be applied onto vertical surfaces because it does not drip and sticks longer in contact with the graffiti. Therefore, VEGEGRAF is the modern solution as an alternative to petroleum solvents that are flammable, smell bad and come from non-renewable sources.


Sectors of application
Maintenance services, local communities, industries, public works, printing houses, cleaning and maintenance companies, building companies, paint shops, car-parking companies, stores and public places, transport companies, road maintenance companies, etc.

Main components
Mixtures of natural surface agents and oxygenated solvents.
Allergen-free perfume.

Characteristic physico-chemical properties
• pH = 8.
• Mass density: 1070 +/- 10.
• Viscosity, thick: 4000 cP +/- 500 (BROOKFIELD @ 20°C).
• Fruit-scented perfume: apple
• VOC Content: 3.5%

Storing time at 20 °C: 24 months minimum.

Classified and labelled in accordance with CLP Regulation (EU) No.
1272/2008. Refer to the safety sheet.

Shake well before use. Apply VEGEGRAF using a brush or spray it over the surface to be treated. Leave to act for 5-10 minutes according to how thick the graffiti is and how porous the surface is. Use a wet cloth or sponge to slightly scrub the surface and then rinse. Repeat the operation as needed. Rinse off with plenty of water to finish. The best results are obtained on smooth and non-porous surfaces.

We guarantee the quality and efficiency of our product only if it is used following the instructions specified in this document. For
safety and efficiency purposes, please test the product before use in order to be sure that the product is suitable for the specific
application and the surface to be treated.

Weight N/A

1 L, 5 L


Vegegraf Safety Datasheet EN

Flayer Vegegraf EN


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