The product is concentrated and must be diluted in demineralized water. FITEX is quaternary ammonium salts- based product. It is a EDTA and non-ionic surfactant with disinfecting and cleaning actions.
The preventive and repair actions against microflora occur by contact, by interaction with the cell membranes of microorganisms. The product does not suppress the growth of weeds or simply burns the upper layer, but rapidly splits the cells up to their “roots”, completely eliminating them and preventing their regrowth.
The product has broad-spectrum efficacy against bacteria, fungi, algae, lichens and it has very fast action. FITEX does not affect stone materials.

Cleaning treatment and removal of biological growths, moss, lichens and molds and remediation of microbiological attacks with preserving effects for outdoor and indoor surfaces affected by biological colonization. Can be applied using a backpack- spraying pump or manual sprayer directly on the surface without preliminary interventions.
Subsequent removal of biological weed residues with manual abrasion without final rinsing is required. For the complete removal of the biological patinas it is recommended to use the IBIX micro-air-abrasion system (quotation is not included).

FITEX viene applicato con pompa irrorante a zaino o nebulizzatore da giardino dopo la diluizione.
La pressione dell’apparato nebulizzante non deve essere eccessiva, max. 0,5 bar.

With one liter of diluted product it is possible to treat 4 to 6 square meters of surface (medium porosity), usage can vary according to weed quantity and thickness.

Weight 1.1 kg


Fitex Datasheet EN

Fitex Safety Datasheet EN

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