PROFESSIONAL neutral cleaner for any kind of surface. SOLVENT and ACID FREE

Safe, efficient, universal detergent with pleasant fragrance. Recommended both for maintenance and everyday cleaning of treated surfaces. Suitable for floors, cladding, tables and kitchen countertops of marble, granite, ceramic, composite, natural stone, with any kind of finish; polished, matt, brushed etc.

Being acid and solvent free MGP 24 can be daily and constantly used protecting both the materials and the treatments applied on them.

Strong points

  • Concentrate
  • High dilution ratio
  • Neutral detergent
  • Not aggressive on treatments
  • Universal, suitable for any kind of surface
  • Scented
  • Non-residual
  • Solvent and acid free


Manual cleaning: Dilute 1 liter of MGP 24 in 50-60 liters of water. Pour the solution onto the surface, rub using a floor brush, mop, pad, microfiber or other manual tools. Allow to dry before using the surface. In case of everyday cleaning no rinsing out is needed. Cleaning with machines: Dilute 1 liter of MGP 24 in 50-60 liters of water and proceed with the cleaning using the product in the man on board cleaning machine, in the tanks of the single disc cleaning machines or in similar machines that require the use of a detergent. Allow to dry before using the surface.


PROFESSIONAL antistain protector, ecological, concentrated, neutral, specific for polished surfaces.

Water based, full saturation water-and-oil repellent sealer for polished marble, granite and agglomerates.
MGT 27 K does not change the natural color of the material where it is applied on.

It penetrates the porosity of the stone and does not turn yellow. Protects the surfaces from substances like oil, coffee, grease, dirt, most wines and also offers a good protection against writings, sprays or paints. Specific for kitchen countertops, tables, floors and cladding.

Coverage: Approx. 20-25 m2 with 1 liter considering 2 coats. This indication may vary according to the type of material and absorbency.

Strong points

  • Antistain 
  • Antioil 
  • Water-repellent 
  • Ecological 
  • Does not turn yellow 
  • Does not change the color of the surface 
  • Food contact certified 
  • Eco-friendly 
  • May be applied on not completely dry surfaces 
  • Reversible
  • Not film forming
  • Breathable
  • Makes cleaning easier
  • Excellent for countertops
  • Optimal stain resistance
  • Solvent free
  • Good against dirt
  • Limits the absorption of writings and sprays
  • Does not leave greasy or hard removable residues


Shake before using
Ready to use product; do not dilute. Apply MGT 27 K directly onto the clean surface, dry or wet but aspirated. Spread out evenly with circular motions using suitable mop, cloths or microfibers. Depending on the absorption apply 2 coats at 3 – 4 hours one from the other. In case of extremely absorbing polished surfaces apply 2 consecutive coats ad a 3rd coat after 3 or 4 hours. (See application accessories). On poorly absorbing marble or granite, the product can leave some light residues, which can be removed with a cloth or a floor polisher. Allow to dry before walking on the surface. The surface can be washed and is resistant to stains after 72 hours. On marble it does not protect from acidic substances that create a corrosion. (If you wish to obtain both a stain resistance and a corrosion protection choose our acid proof line). For the ordinary maintenance of the treated surface we recommend the regular use of MGP 24 detergent.


Lab tests show that MGT 27 K applied onto polished surfaces offers an optimal resistance to oil, coffee and wine. Even though some of these substances have been left on the surfaces without being immediately removed, MGT 27 K avoided their absorption even with more than 24 hours long contact. We specify that each surface has its own characteristics and so do the staining substances which, although of the same type, may have different reactions depending on the specific case and their diversity. For this reason, in order to be as precise as possible, it will be our concern, upon request, to carry out specific tests on materials or specific projects.

Useful information

Since our goal is maximum customer satisfaction, we specify the following. The lasting of a protector on interior surfaces is longer than on exterior surfaces which are more subject to UV rays, temperature excursions and records. We also specify that the fact that a protective is defined as stain resistant does not mean that the surface will never get stained, but that it is possible to obtain the best in terms of results and protection when the substance that has accidentally fallen on the surface is removed as soon as possible. Furthermore, to get the best from surfaces of any kind and material, our suggestion is to choose cleaning products that respect both the surfaces and the treatments and carry out correct maintenance cycles. In this regard, we suggest you download the various guides on the use and maintenance of surfaces to extend the life and maintain the beauty of your surfaces over time from the download area of our site.

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