The perfect symbiosis of grain size, density and hardness/durability creates the optimum abrasive efficiency and lowest abrasive consumption. It can be recycled 5 times without losing it’s superior ability. Low dusting improves health and safety for the operator and the environment.

Garnet Abrasive Media

  • Categorized as a HARD abrasive
  • Engineered Grade Blends
  • Coarse Grit
  • Medium Grit
  • Fine Grit
  • 55lb bags
  • Pallet Dimensions 41” X 41” X 23”
  • 40 bags/Pallet (2200lbs net)


  • Non-toxic
  • Durable, hard, natural mineral
  • Low Dusting
  • Reusable: Can be reused up to 5-7 times while maintaining efficacy. Use mix of 70% used (strained through sieve) and 30% new media
  • When recycling garnet, use strainer to remove all debris from media to be reused
  • Coarse grit for heavy paints and coatings
  • Medium grit for surface prep, paint removal, and stone cleaning
  • Fine grit for soft cleaning of wood and soot, mold remediation

Recommended (but not restricted to) cleaning:

  • Smoke/Soot
  • Odor control
  • Mold remediation
  • General degreasing
  • Graffiti on glass
  • Slate
  • Polished marble
  • Copper
  • Travertine
  • Brass
  • Limestone
  • Chrome
  • Teak wood
Weight N/A
Blasting Media Size

200 Mesh, 80 Mesh


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